Technical inspections and DVGW approval

TTR Institute carries out product inspections internationally, according to technical specifications..

Testing and Inspection services are provided as support within the market, for companies manufacturing products and materials in contact with drinking water and for gas use.

In particular, TTR Institute is an inspection body and laboratory recognized by DVGW and it is chosen by many first choice global manufacturers for our expertise and technical competence.

DVGW Certification is necessary to sell gas and water products on the German market and TTR Institute can provide testing and surveillance service in order to obtain and maintain DVGW certification mark.

The German market is one of the main European markets; to be successful in this market, DVGW Certification is an essential requirement. The DVGW mark is guarantee of quality worldwide and it is highly valued in German-influenced markets (Austria, Switzerland, Slovenia, North East Europe).

The procedure for DVGW mark (always issued by the German body, to which the request must be addressed) consists:

  1. pre-certification phase, which consists of an initial inspection visit, mechanical tests on the products and potability for products and materials in contact with drinking water
  2. to maintain the certification, surveillance inspections follow as required by the relevant technical specifications that define frequency and sampling on the product.

On the path leading to certification, TTR Institute offers concrete support to companies, guaranteeing the performance recognized by DVGW, of both mechanical and hygienic tests. TTR Institute carries out the initial inspection and subsequent surveillance with competent and qualified inspectors.

TTR Institute, working closely with the certification bodies, has the ability, if necessary or requested, to assert a multi-standard tets set thus reducing both the impact of costs for the customer as well as significantly increasing the efficiency of the approval process.

Thanks to Ilac-MRA mark, TTR's Inspections and Laboratory Tests are recognized worldwide for their quality.

TTR collaborates with certification bodies all over the world to obtain numerous brands.
These include, for example:

  • SAI GLOBAL for Australian certification,
  • ETA-Danmark for VA certification,
  • Danish ministry for obtaining the GDV mark,
  • RI.SE for the Swedish brand,
  • Sintef for the Norwegian brand,
  • STF for the Finnish brand.