KTW-BWGL Certification - Testing and inspections on products and materials in contact with drinking water

TTR Institute offers support to obtain and maintain the KTW-BWGL certification according to UBA (German Environmental Agency) specifications for products and materials in contact with drinking water.

Hygienic certification according to UBA and KTW-BWGL specifications is essential for all companies that want to export products or components in contact with drinking water on the German market, e.g. taps, valves, fittings and pipes in metal or plastic materials.

The UBA / KTW-BWGL rules replaces previous regulations on the German market and becomes a mandatory requirement for the sale of any product in contact with drinking water from 21 March 2021.

Certification can be obtained with a hygienic conformity mark from a certified body. It involves a process according to the system 1+ certification scheme, in the end the producer will obtain a declaration of conformity (certificate) from the certification body (e.g. DVGW,...).

This scheme is based on:

  • an initial inspection at the production site with sampling and homologation testing;
  • annual monitoring with periodic inspection and testing.

The strength of TTR Institute: dynamic structure and competent personnel qualified for inspections and testing recognized all over the world and combined services for different types of product certification.