Welding calibration

Welding is a special activity with significant characteristics related to manual skills and the equipment used. These characteristics require continuous checks and verifications to ensure that the desired results are achieved.

The first essential pillar is that welding activities must be carried out by qualified personnel in accordance with the applicable standards, such as UNI EN ISO 9606. The qualified welder performs the activity in compliance with the tolerance limits in the WPS, thus ensuring the repeatability in the execution of a welded joint and guaranteeing high levels of quality in terms of mechanical and chemical characteristics.

The second pillar for the welding process is the use of suitable equipment with verified and guaranteed functional characteristics.

IEC 60974-14 specifies the requirements to be adopted for the verification of arc welding and calibration equipment and indicates the annual periodicity of such verifications, which must be followed by all users, companies or individual operators, who carry out welding in the most varied sectors, such as water, gas, structural, etc.

Companies with management systems certified in accordance with the standards ISO9001 EN 1090, EN3834, EN 15085 and NADCAP are required to establish a systematic verification system for welding machines. The entry into force of this regulation means that the calibrations of welding machines are no longer carried out using an ammeter but using equipment that allows the parameters required by the regulation to be detected using a static load and a primary instrument connected to it.

To maintain confidence in your welding machine, comply with the state-of-the-art requirements and ensure the efficiency of the equipment, it is mandatory to carry out the annual verification of welding machines at centers that operate in line with the international standard for calibrations.

TTR Institute SRL is accredited according to ISO17025 and is able to meet the stringent requirements required by the applicable reference standards.

At the end of the inspection, TTR issues a verification report in accordance with the IEC 60974-14 standard and respecting all metrological requirements as it is performed with specific equipment, with the mandatory functional characteristics and in metrological validity for this activity.

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