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Testing & Inspection

TTR Institute is an independent and consolidated company whose core business is laboratory testing with particular specialization in plastics and metal materials. Company goal is to meet customer's requirements in this very specialized market.

Approvals for Testing and the Accredia Certificate n° 0777 in particular can be downloaded from the “Testing” area of the website. These tests ensure the high quality achieved on the one hand and the complete impartiality and independence of TTR Institute on the other hand. As a matter of fact, the company is on the market as third-party entity performing Product Testing in accordance to the main international standards.

In addition to its Testing activities, TTR Institute offers a system of inspection and verification on site to cover all customer needs, providing a complete service for product certification testing, inspections and evaluations of a third party for litigation as a result of malfunctions and damages caused by the products installed.

See also Accredia Certificate n° 227E that can be downloaded from the “Inspection” area of the website

The structure of the company is flexible and highly versatile and can suit customers’ demands by accomplishing tests and inspections in many fields. Tests and inspections are always performed in accordance with high quality standards and speed of response. Conformity of the tested products, their development and inspection are carried out in order to respond to requests in the most suitable timing.


L'Atelier® - Training division of TTR Institute srl - has a long experience in training of personnel working on operational, technical and technological networks, particularly in the distribution of water, gas, other fluids under pressure and conditioning systems.

Thanks to the expertise of their staff, collaboration with leading certification bodies, consultants and experience of the most important industry, L'Atelier® is able to structure training programs tailored to actual customer needs, creating on-site training and dealing with all aspects of organization and logistics.

L'Atelier® - Training division of TTR Institute srl TTR - thanks to its partnership with international institutions and training centers, courses and seminars held with the intent to establish an education based on sharing and comparing experiences and best international practices. With this in mind organizes international workshops, seminars, technical demonstrations and visits to facilities related to the energy sector.

In TTR Institute is located “Academy of Installers”, the only training room in Italy built in collaboration with the major manufacturers in the sector where specialized practical courses are organized daily.


TTR Institute is accredited by ACCREDIA according to ISO 17024 as Body operating Certification of persons (Certificate n° 133C).

Personnel certification is an independent third party certification issued to certify compliance with specific skill requirements of personnel.

TTR Institute s.r.l., through accredited Certification Schemes, verifies that professional personnel possess, maintain and improve over time the necessary skills and the set of knowledge required for the assigned tasks.