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Users take full responsibility for the content of messages sent, accepting full responsibility and excluding TTR Institute - as well as the companies and/or persons related or associated, its representatives, employees or any partners - from any eventual claim for damages or similar, excluding TTR Institute from charges relating to actions taken by third parties against TTR Institute, the companies or persons indicated above, for damages deriving from the actions of users or persons authorised by the user to access the sites www.ttrinstitute.eu and www.ttrinstitute.it and www.nginstitute.com. Any eventual material or information supplied by any user through the site cannot be considered of a confidential or reserved nature. Consequently, TTR Institute reserves the right to use freely any such information in any way it deems appropriate. Anyone sending material and/or information guarantees that such material is publishable and accepts to exclude NG Institute from any liabilities relating to such material and information.

Legitimate use

Users agree to use the web sites www.ttrinstitute.eu and www.ttrinstitute.it or www.ttrinstitute.com and their services exclusively for legitimate purposes and, in any case, without affecting the rights of any third party and paying special attention to norms concerning the protection of data, laws governing the protection of intellectual property, the protection of personal details, and current legislation concerning computer crime and norms governing telecommunications.


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Applicable laws

The conditions contained in these notes are regulated by Italian legislation.